Eddy Nsubuga

Company Founder


Leads  the overall vision , product  strategy , sales and marketing.

Eddy’s  inspiration to start a business stemmed from his mother, a hardworking business lady who from an early age instilled in him strong business ethics and values. After being in formal employment for over 6 years in multinational logistics companies such as DHL & ARAMEX, Eddy left empolyment & founded Makizto in 2013. Makizto specialises in  Courier  & logistics with a tailor made touch.

Makizto has employed over 50 personnel full time & part time, a team that has steered annual revenue of over $ 60,000 in 2018 with profits of over $ 23,000 in the same year, 82,000 in revenue 2019 with profits of $35,000. positively progressing and building a robust system to expand & strengthen  its operations.