Saving tips to businesses choosing to use a courier company

Saving tips to businesses choosing to use a courier company

Why have a full time employee to run part time errands even still even if the errands come every day

Does it justify you paying a full time guy to run those errands post covid-19 we need to make financial decision that add value to our business and save us loads of cash at the same time; here is why

A full time messenger on company salary , earning over time , medical insurance, sick leave to mention but a few, who covers for him when down with a fever, off to a burial, off for leave and many other unforeseen circumstances.

Why it’s a plus one if you have contact a courier company to do the errands for you?

  • Flexibilities of coverage without interruption of service
  • All messenger personnel costs are bon by the courier company and all you pay for is the delivery executed for you
  • No service interruption are substitute messenger can be assigned in case of any kind of emergency
  • Saving on many overhead costs such as bike repairs, fuel, safety if the bike is owned by the company
  • Professionalism and value for money hence giving you ample time to concentrate on your core business value.

With that said Makizto has business solutions that can fix all you messenger and business errand needs with tailor made solution based on the industry sector and need assessment.

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