Utilities & Renewables

Utilities & Renewables

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Utilities & Renewables

Around the globe, utility companies are under enormous pressure. As customers demand greater value, utilities face a shifting competitive landscape, rapidly evolving regulations, and the growing threat of climate change. Despite these pressures our clients consistently turn adversity to their advantage, collaborating with us to grow stronger, more efficient, and more innovative while improving their impact on the planet and communities they serve.

Across more than 2,000 projects we’ve helped clients in every sector of the utilities industry: power generators, electric and gas utilities, multi-utility conglomerates, renewable energy providers, energy trading companies, gas storage and distribution players, energy service companies, water utilities, retailers, and diversified global energy corporations. We are also leaders in waste management and recycling services, helping to reshape that sector to be at the center of a more circular economy. Our deep expertise and broad perspective allow us to tailor solutions that meet your exact needs.

Our teams will help you enhance every facet of operations. We’ll work with you to craft a new growth strategy, improve customer experience, retool your operating model, improve operations, reshape capabilities and talent, and reach your decarbonization goals. Our energy consulting teams can help you introduce new technologies and implement data strategies that will put you at the front of the digital revolution.

The coming years will only intensify the global effort to draw energy from solar, wind, nuclear, hydrogen, and other sources of sustainable energy to mitigate the impact from climate change. This challenge requires greater innovation, improving the social compact with communities, and delivering on the needs of a diverse set of stakeholders.

It’s a tough market out there, with big changes on the horizon; we offer unmatched expertise that can help you build lasting solutions.

Energy & Natural Resources Report 2023

Our annual report examines how companies are seizing the once-in-a-generation opportunities of the energy transition.

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