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Consumer goods companies have been dealing with turbulence and disruption for years, but not like this. A global pandemic, massive shifts in consumer behavior, supply chain shocks, and competition from new players are just some of the factors putting the brakes on growth. An intense focus on sustainability has consumers and companies at every stage of the value chain rethinking their habits, priorities and ways  of doing business.

Despite those pressures, the list of leading CP companies has remained remarkably stable, a testament to the advantages of scale. By reshaping their portfolios, revamping their go-to-market models and pursuing operational efficiencies, scale leaders have managed to remain on top—for now.

Our consumer products consulting expertise ensures you stay there.  As agility and consumer intimacy become ever more critical, we'll help you navigate disruption, anticipate risks and remain an industry leader. We can help you:

  • Develop a deeper understanding of your consumers to shape your business outcomes today and in the future
  • Develop a winning strategy using Bain Radar 360 Strategy®: Adopt a “today-forward/future-back” approach that enables you to reach full potential with today's business as you make rapid progress toward your future vision.
  • Accelerate brand growth, even in slow-growth categories in developed markets, using our Brand Accelerator 
  • Become a true partner with retailers, managing key accounts more effectively than ever
  • Turn your supply chains into competitive weapons
  • Unlock the power of your supply base from Procurement Full Potential efforts to drive margin expansion, meet your scope 3 and ESG targets, and drive resiliency & innovation
  • Reshape your brand portfolios through strategic mergers & acquisitions and divestitures, to achieve scale, tap into new growth areas or acquire new capabilities. We can help you optimize target selection, diligence and value creation, supported by the right M&A strategy and integration expertise.
  • Simplify, speed up and slim down operating models to maximize the effectiveness and efficiency of your organization
  • Build sustainability into your strategy, so you transform it from a challenge to an opportunity.

Our clients include companies in the food, beverages, personal and household care, consumer durables, luxury goods, apparel and shoes, recreational products, over-the-counter medicines and other sectors. The breadth of our experience and expertise, combined with our broad ecosystem of best-of-breed partners, ensures that we tailor powerful solutions that meet your exact needs.

Focused Expertise

Focused Expertise

Consumer-led Brand Growth

A powerful, data-driven solution that puts consumers at the heart of your growth strategy. Discover how the Bain Brand Accelerator can help you break free from a category view of the world, refocus on consumers’ needs, grow and nurture brands through multi-year value creation plans, and much more.

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Commercial Excellence

Navigate the tectonic shifts in retail to accelerate growth. We work with you across five distinct pillars of commercial excellence, to identify the true sources of value and deliver on them. We also help you transform your organizational operating model and enhance your technology capabilities to support your commercial excellence strategy.

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Digitalization in Consumer Products

Become a digital performance leader by fusing technology, data and organizational design. We help hundreds of CPG companies develop best-in-class digital strategies that direct your investments to the priority initiatives that will generate the most value.

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Our Experience

Our Experience

Client Results

The Visionary CEO’s Guide to Sustainability

Our report explores how leaders can pragmatically navigate a changing world.

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