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The effects of the Covid-19 pandemic will be felt across the aviation and airline industries for years to come. But even as company leaders map their recovery strategies, other trends are already beginning to reshape the industry, and will remain dominant forces for the next two decades. Our aviation and airline consulting expertise can help you anticipate, respond to and ultimately convert these challenges into opportunities.

  • Sustainable consumption: Sustainability is now the next digital, as shifts in customer behavior and governmental and political interventions require companies to make the right moves on alternative fuels, carbon offsets, stakeholder sentiment, and other aspects of sustainability.
  • Digital Intimacy: Big Data and advanced analytics make it possible to provide hyper-personalized buying and in-flight experiences as you treat each customer as a “segment of one.”
  • Network disruptors: Numerous innovations, from electrification and supersonic flights to autonomous vehicles and augmented/virtual reality, are redefining the capacities, costs and experience of transit.
  • Automation:  The era of the “automatic airline” is upon us, as biometrics, robotic-enabled ground operations, and a variety of back-office innovations increase efficiency, speed, service and safety—and require that companies rethink their talent strategies.
  • Market Redefinition: The net effect of so many market and technology trends, geopolitical forces and factors influencing channel disintermediation is that new competitors and businesses can drain existing profit pools and create new ones. We can serve as your trusted advisor to help ensure you achieve and maintain a winning position.

Our battle-tested playbook can help you thrive amid these and other disruptions. We address all key sources of value, including your operating model, revenue drivers, labor and non-labor costs and activities, network and fleet restructuring, and all facets of business transformation.

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