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Aerospace, Defense & Government Services

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Aerospace, Defense & Government Services

Across every subsector of aerospace and defense—including commercial aviation, space, defense, and government services—we help leaders solve their most challenging problems and emerge stronger than ever. Our aerospace and defense consulting expertise has enabled clients around the globe to pursue digital transformation, sustainability, operational excellence, and cost containment.

Whether you’re seeking manufacturing improvements powered by robotics and AI, strategic advice on transitioning to the cloud, or a way to boost resiliency amid supply-chain disruptions, our experts will collaborate with you to build new capabilities and seize hidden opportunities. We also provide crucial advice in post-merger integrations, separations, and divestitures, and we are the unquestioned industry leader in providing due diligence for scores of private equity and corporate clients.

As the commercial aviation industry rebounds from the historic downturn of 2020-21, new challenges are on the horizon. Companies need to innovate to meet new sustainability agendas. Many have yet to develop adequate strategies for developments that could change the future of flight. Emerging technologies and partnerships demand diverse portfolios, which can be enabled by organic innovation, acquisition, and joint ventures.  

Backed by our extensive network of industry and functional experts, we help you transform cost structures, improve performance, and build new commercial partnerships with next-generation technology companies. Critical to all of these efforts is winning the war for talent, which is becoming a scarcer resource than capital. We’ll show you how to attract, retain, and develop the high performers who will take your company to new heights.

Waves of industry disruption make this an ideal time for A&D companies and their investors to develop and implement strategies to maintain their leadership positions. Let us show you how to navigate today’s turbulence and make your organization more innovative, agile, and sustainable.

What We Do

What We Do

The global pandemic has posed a profound stress test for every corner of the commercial aviation industry. As a new normal takes shape, we’re helping our clients redesign their operating models, navigate consolidation, and meet ambitious sustainability imperatives. Our clients include virtually every major aircraft and engine manufacturer, component creators, commercial transport companies, makers of jet propulsion systems, and dozens of key suppliers and service providers.

We understand the seismic forces reshaping business for defense contractors today. Amid extraordinary budgetary pressures, new entrants are emerging around the globe as corporate consolidation continues across the industry. While capital is sometimes abundant, it is harder than ever to find and harness the right talent. To thrive, established companies must become more agile, getting products to market faster than ever—customers increasingly expect this, and at lower cost. We can help you adapt to these trends, with a proven track record built on successful engagements with virtually every A&D prime and dozens of Tier I/II suppliers.

Lower launch costs, smaller satellites, reusable rockets: the “space race” has evolved from a battle of superpowers to an increasingly accessible business proposition. As commercial aerospace companies redefine the market, and as huge investments flow from venture capitalists, the barriers to entry are falling in ways that were once unthinkable. This creates profound opportunities for companies involved with spacecraft launches, mission control, and services for geostationary and lower-earth orbit products. But it also means intense competition. We can help you thrive in this brave new frontier.

For decades we have helped the world’s largest and most successful government contractors improve performance and deliver new levels of service. We can help you modernize IT systems, control costs, and recruit top talent. Our global footprint and wide-ranging expertise give us a deep understanding of what it takes to win in a sector characterized by rapidly evolving market dynamics, shifting regulations, and new competitors.

Our Experience

Our Experience

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