Supporting Your Growth

Supporting Your Growth

We truly support each other’s growth. From day one, you’ll be part of a culture founded on coaching and mentorship, where you’ll find personal champions who want to help you realize your ambition. What you do with all that training, career guidance, and support is up to you. But rest assured, you won’t do it alone.

Our growth philosophy

We ensure our teams are balanced, energized, and successful

If there’s something you need to grow in your career, we want to help you find that here. It’s what we call holistic support. You’ll be given abundant resources, encouraged to chart your own career path (with help), and get to know other teams through our inclusive home office model.

Learning and development

A culture that supports learning and development

From your first day, you’ll be learning how the firm works, what we do for clients, and how to develop in your role. That happens in both formal and informal ways—via direct mentorship, at key milestones, and through an online platform for continuous learning. It makes Bain a place where you can start in your chosen professional pathway, gain work exposure, and discover a passion. 

Career stories

Hear from others who’ve succeeded here

If you listen to people’s career stories, you’ll notice a few themes—people come from a variety of backgrounds and roles, and many Bainies who leave eventually return.

There are multiple career paths at Bain

Get a sense for how titles progress at Bain.

How can we support your growth?