Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

Strategies to tap the potential of an omnipresent—and accelerating—technology

Cloud Computing

It’s hard to overstate the impact of cloud computing. What was once an intriguing technological option is now essential element of digital transformation. And with experts forecasting continued growth—to the tune of 21% annually through 2024—there’s no sign of a slow-down.

But just because “the cloud” has become a part of everyday conversation doesn’t mean everyone understands it well. Our cloud consultants have worked with nearly 200 companies, across many industries, to integrate private and hybrid cloud opportunities into product development and go-to-market strategies, infrastructure, M&A opportunities, investment decisions, and more. We work with established and next-generation technology companies on cloud strategies that will propel their own growth and help their clients succeed; with financial sponsors who must determine the impact of cloud on current or potential investments; and with CIOs and CTOs who are leveraging the cloud to enhance the way IT services are delivered.

A wealth of client experience combined with proprietary market research, unmatched access to C-suite leaders, and hundreds of dialogues with key players in the cloud ecosystem informs our unique perspective. As a result, we have a clear vison of where cloud is going, and what that means for companies that provide cloud solutions and enabling technologies. We have collaborated closely with our clients to assess the impact and opportunities of cloud computing from every conceivable vantage point. To cite just a few examples, we have helped companies: 

  • Analyze user adoption trends
  • Understand how cloud adoption and growth potential varies by market segment
  • Assess which factors are influencing cloud migration strategies across the full spectrum of options
  • Explore user awareness of and views on major cloud vendors, and which factors influence vendor selection and conversion rates
  • Develop strategies for optimizing containers and serverless computing, two emerging trends that will exert a major impact on cloud computing
  • Understand how cloud is altering channel strategies, margins, and opportunities

Our broad expertise ensures that, whatever promise cloud may hold for you, we can help you maximize its potential.

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