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Real Estate

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Real Estate

Real estate was once considered a relative safe harbor, an asset class marked by steady value creation and predictable trends. Those days are over. New technologies, the global pandemic, and urgent sustainability concerns are now disrupting the industry in ways that raise the stakes for every decision real estate investors make.

We can help you navigate these rough new seas. Across hundreds of client engagements around the world, our real estate consulting expertise has played a pivotal role in helping leaders in residential, commercial, and industrial real estate stay ahead amid relentless competition.

We work with property owners, REITs, service providers and a wide range of other players to maximize their value, shape their growth strategies, and become more innovative. For instance, our unique location intelligence solution, Vantage℠, brings user-friendly advanced analytics to critical site-selection decisions. We bring world-renowned expertise in corporate strategycost transformation, cash and capital management issues, organizational design, mergers and acquisitiondue diligencepost-merger integration, and customer experience and loyalty to every project, providing you with the big-picture view that ensures you achieve maximum value.

The COVID crisis, and its impact on commercial office space, has raised the potential for converting office buildings into housing in some areas. Meanwhile specialized players are rehabilitating wastelands and former industrial sites, both inside and outside of cities. We can help you understand what kind of opportunities these trends may represent for your company. 

The world’s population today is on the move, as people and businesses rethink virtually every aspect about where to live and work. These shifts carry profound implications for real estate investors, developers, and managers. Now is the time to apply the full breadth of our expertise to emerging opportunities. Now is the time to unify your company around a strategy that keeps you on top.

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